Why do you need to consider SEO seriously for your company website?

Why you must seriously consider SEO for your website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a misunderstood concept. The main heart and soul of SEO is to optimize your websites more efficiently such that ‘robots’ used by search algorithms can crawl effectively through your website. These robots use various parameters to index your website pages on search engines. This helps search engine to determine the relevance of your website content against a search query.

SEO Benefits

SEO Fundamentals

Imagine you have a tooth ache and want to go to a dentist. Since you haven’t visited one for a long time, you ask your friends if they know any good dentist. Your friends offer you a suggestion. They recommend best dentist based on various parameters such as “Dentist who does a best job“, “Dentist with 20 years experience“, “Dentist with cheap consulting fees“, “Dentist who lives across the street” etc.

You consider all above recommendations and more often than not finalize a dentist recommended by multiple friends or someone really close to you.

Search Engine often present results in a similar way. Its Algorithms get best results for your query based on various parameters. Top results are those website which contain relevant search query and is recommended by other webpages (backlinks) especially websites with authority (Example: Wikepedia, CNN/BBC , Government Websites).

Would you trust a recommendation by some random stranger whom you just met on street? I guess ‘No’. Similarly search sngines such as Google have got really smart algorithms over the course of years. It filters the websites which have backlinks from other questionable or spammy websites. The main intention is to provide best search experience to the user.

Just like no one recommends a dentist who doesn’t have even basic facilities, search engine doesn’t value websites with no content or less content.

If you need services of a ‘dentist’ , it doesn’t make sense if someone gives you contact information for a plumber. Your website cannot rank for all the search results and keyword in the search query has to match keyword in the website content.

We can summarize SEO as being a authority website and provide best content on website for your target audience who is searching for a particular keyword.

Benefits of SEO for your website.

  1. High Traffic and Good Business. – Various surveys about google search results suggests that ‘top link’ attracts more than 50% of search users. Top 3 results gets staggering 70% of conversion. Hence lower you rank on search engine for your keyword, lesser will be opportunity to gain business from the incoming traffic. SEO helps your website to be among top of the results and achieve high rate of conversion.
  2. Technology, Internet and Mobile. – Millions of users search on internet everyday, and the number is increasing exponentially each day. Internet penetration and mobile phone connectivity is helping millions of people to connect through internet in the developed and developing parts of world alike. Demographics range from teenagers to senior citizens. People find it easy to get information and services at the comfort of their home. But there are about billion websites as of 2016 and your website may get buried deep on the internet. SEO helps wide audience to reach your website.
  3. Cost Effective Solution. – SEO is the cheapest but effective solution which provides excellent return on investment. It is about building your websites in an effective way such that it attracts user traffic organically. Even though PPC campaigns, Digital Ads get paid traffic, they need a bigger investment and budget compared to SEO.

Local SEO

If you are a resident of New York and looking for a dentist nearby; would information about a dentist in San Francisco help you? Both information are about ‘Dentist’, but you are more likely to go to a dentist near your home. Search Engines such as Google understand this and always try to provide you with locally relevant results. They give priority to location of the search user and provide results accordingly. This gives advantages to websites with certain common/popular keywords which may be difficult to rank top among global or national results , but would be on top regional and local results. Hence investment on SEO will never go vain.

Ratings and Feedback

As somebody would recommend a dentist only if they have a positive experience, search engines take help of various ‘rating’ sites such as Yelp or Facebook, Google+ business ratings. Negative feedback about a website will generally push it to lower rankings on search results.

VIBS SEO Service

We at VIBS, create a complete SEO checklist to identify the opportunities and shortcomings of your website in search results. Keyword research identifies top keywords of your industry for your website. We undertake a thorough research about the competitiveness of the selected keywords to identify the types of content ranking on search result pages. Using your newly discovered keywords we optimize specific on-page elements and meta data, which are important factors that help search engines understand the topic of your web pages. Example – Writing unique alt, title, and description tags as well as adding schema markup.

Our specialists optimize your content through strategic internal linking and keyword placement. Local business listings such as Google+ Business and Bing Local are crucial in generating local leads for small to medium businesses. They also rank extremely well when set up correctly. We fully optimize your local listings and provide actionable strategies to increase positive reviews as well as improve your online reputation and local engagement.

You can visit our Digital Marketing Page to know more about our services and Request a Quote for SEO Services.